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14 came home last night.  It was so, so good to see him.  He was so jetlagged it was a miracle he was still standing, and so occupied with signing off on all the paperwork people kept handing him that he didn’t even notice me standing at his elbow until someone said, “Looks like someone’s happy to see you.” and pointed to me.  It was so much fun.

I’m going to Notre Dame this weekend.  Well, actually I’m leaving tonight.  The Duchess is picking me up right after class.  We’re going to go to Wednesday Night Swing for a little while (I need to get at least a little dancing in…) and then she’s driving me down to the train station in Cincinnati where I will hop on a train to Chicago.  I’ll be on the train all night, then hang out in Chicago tomorrow until it’s time to take the train to South Bend.  There’s lots of fun things to do in Chicago, so I’m not worried about occupying my time.  What I really need to do, however, is find a nice coffee-shop/bookstore cubbyhole and bury my nose in books for the afternoon.  On Monday I need to have notes to show my prof (if not the rough draft) for the section of my paper on modern uses of modesty as a resistance value.  I think I’m about ready to write the Muslim section, but the modern feminist section needs some serious work, and I haven’t looked at the book I’m using by Alice von Hildebrand since August.

The good part of going to Notre Dame (besides that I’m going for the Edith Stein Conference, and Edith Stein rocks my world) is that The Young Queen is also going, and we’re going to be staying with her sister, who is an Architecture grad student there.  I miss my friend so much.  I can’t wait to see her.  An entire weekend with her is riches.  Hurrah!