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I was looking at my schedule, and I realized that this semester I have signed myself up for going on four major trips (weekend or longer) plus writing two 25-30 page papers.  And then there’s whatever else I have to do for the other classes I’m taking.  Will I live to see my next birthday?  Stay tuned….

The good news, however, is that 14 is coming home!  I’m so excited!  He’s been away, first at training for Afghanistan and then in Afghanistan, since the end of June.  Eight months.  And now he’s coming home.  Oh, I’m so glad.  I’ve missed him a lot.  I know it’s only temporary – he’s hoping to be out of the Air Force by September, spend a little time visiting his roots in Germany, and then head off to join the Jesuits in Louisiana.  I don’t care, though.  It will just be good to have him home.  He’ll be here either a week from today or a week from tomorrow (he won’t know for sure until his plane lands in Baltimore).  I’m trying to decide whether I’ll take his Weather guy off the bottom of my page when he gets home (he’s the dark haired guy) or just change the location setting to reflect where he really is.  This will be interesting especially when he leaves Dayton again in the Fall.  Hmmm.  Yeah, I think I’ll keep it.

Here’s the other cool thing: a week ago I got a very interesting call from K-San, the younger sister of Tree and Shark, the dairy farmers I visited in Wisconsin.  She’s getting married in June to a cello player with the Milwaukee Symphony, and she wants me to come up and oversee her wedding reception, doing the decorations, supervising the food, and making things fun.  She said such nice things about me, affirming me deeply in so many ways.  I wish I’d taped the call – you don’t get affirmed like that very often.  It was so flattering and amazing that, based on riding home with me from Mass and seeing me at lunch with my sisters, I would be her first choice to make her wedding reception fun.  Every time I think about it I get blown away again, and humbled.  She’s really neat.  She wants to serve dessert first, and have ice breakers to make people talk to each other.  Right now the look we’re going for is minimalist hippie.  This is going to be a good time.  Also, my work crew is going to be people from The Young Queen’s family.  They’re great, and I know they’ll contribute so much towards the whole fun aspect.  But if anyone wants me the second week of June, they’re going to have to look in Wisconsin!