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It’s good to be quiet for a while.  I’ve been running around doing so much the last few weeks, with the new semester starting and going to Wisconsin, and some other road-tripping.  It’s funny too, my definition of quiet.  I was going to say that yesterday was the first quiet day in a long time, but then I realized that my “quiet” included a meeting in the morning and going shopping down in the Oregon District (Vintage clothes!  Swoon!) with Binky in the afternoon.  I had an invitation to go to Glee Club with An Eligible Gentleman in the evening, but I chose to stay home and watch a movie with my roommates.  I was really tempted, but both the Duchess and Belle (the two people who might also enjoy an evening of singing) already had plans and I didn’t want to go alone.  So I watched The Devil Wears Prada instead.  I rather liked it.  I loved the clothes.  There are such beautiful things in our world.

Snow is beautiful too.  It also takes care of a problem I had been avoiding.  I wore my warm boots up at the farm last weekend, which means I brought them home encrusted with the sorts of things one finds on barn floors.  I left them in a bag on the front porch and just wasn’t thinking about what I’d have to do in order to get them clean enough to bring inside the house.  However, I think enough tramping around in snow ought to take care of it quite nicely!

I have no Bhaer updates.  

My roommate was supposed to get her second dose of chemo last Thursday, but the doctors said her white blood cell count was too borderline.  So they sent her home to rest up and feel better for another week before they sock it to her (hopefully) next Thursday.  I’m starting to get good at tempting her to eat just one more little thing before she’s done with a meal (a few strawberries, maybe?  Since I already have them out and am cutting the tops off?  I didn’t get them out for you, really, I was going to have some and they just happen to be here…).  She says she feels stupid getting so exhausted from not really doing anything, but I think of the fierce battle raging in her immune system, and I think she has good reason to be exhausted all the time.  People have been great with bringing meals over, and all kinds of delicacies that just might tempt her appetite.  We have more vases of flowers than we really have places to put them.  It’s been wonderful, even if a little frustrating sometimes.  One of the ways I know how to take care of someone is by cooking for them, and I specially laid in a supply of chicken broth and itty-bitty pastas.  (I have been told that my chicken soup borders on the miraculous.  Just sayin’.)  However, I never get a chance to cook – there’s always an abundance of food in the refridgerator already.  Oh well.  It’s nice to have to complain about too much love. 

I miss the farm.  In case you were wondering, the new blond weather guy at the bottom of my page represents the farm, and the guys on it.  Sigh.  Maybe someday I’ll get to go back there.