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So you know you’re a Theology Geek when you’re writing a guy’s name all over the margin of your paper (maybe cuz you just saw him in the hall and exchanged schedules so that he can choose an appropriate time for the two of you to Get Together To Catch Up or, you know, something like that), only you’re writing it in Greek characters so the person next to you won’t be able to read what you’re writing.  And the funny thing is that if the guy whose name you’re writing were to ever see this paper you would be blushing a lot.  Because his Greek is better than yours.  And that’s when you realize that you’re a hopeless case.  Well, actually, you realised this a long time ago, but you’re coming to a deeper acceptance of the reality.  ‘Course, he’s a hopeless case too.  You’re really rather a matched set that way.  Which is part of why you’re writing his name all over everything.  And burbling helplessly about him on your blog.  In the second person.  Which is kindof silly.  But the world is silly, and that’s ok.

Stopping now.