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So the news about my roommate is not good, but not quite as bad as I had thought at first.  And that’s good.

The doctors in Houston say they cannot do the operation.  Her tumor is too big.  So that’s bad.  But the doctors here want to try some chemotherapy to see if they can shrink the tumor. If the tumor will shrink some, then the doctors in Houton can operate.  And that would be very good.  So this week she’s trying to get in to see her new set of doctors, get the biopsies that have to be done before the chemo can start, and, well, make it though the day.  BMIWW is staying with us for right now, along with Sunshine.  The other four are back in Pennsylvania with their dad.  I don’t know how long she’ll be able to stay, but I’m very, very glad that she’s here.

So – we do this one day at a time, and don’t worry about tomorrow.  Today is quite enough as it is!

On the plus side, I do think I’m going to have a very good time in my Medieval Philosophy class. Prof. Stoop is great.  He refers to his wife as, “That person I hang out with all the time.”  I’ve already started a quote book for him.  I’ll post some examples from it soon. 

On the other plus side, I got to dance a lot this weekend.  Plus, at the dance on Saturday night, I had a baby fall asleep on me.  Babies are wonderful – wonderful ways of looking in amazement at the world, wonderful ways of snuggling against you in perfect trust, wonderful soft baby hair, wonderful little heads like cannon balls…  Sigh.  My shoulder was sore for the next day or so, but it was worth it.