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So, um, life doesn’t suck as bad anymore.  And that has nothing at all to do with running into A Certain Someone yesterday.  No, not at all… 

I still haven’t heard from my roommate, so I have no idea how her doctor’s appointment went.  I don’t like that. I’m going to call her this evening.  No news is good news, right? 

I had my first Master’s level class on Wednesday night.  I was so nervous going in.  It didn’t help that when I got there, every other person sitting at the table had a thick sheaf of printouts – research they’d done to prep for the class.  They knew that they were supposed to do this because of the e-mail the professor sent out.  The one I didn’t get.  Also the one that informed us that there were three other textbooks we needed to have which he wasn’t going to order through the bookstore.  Did I mention that I never got any of this information?  Yeah.  That pretty much sucked.  The only thing that saved my sweet tushie was that 1 – Shine (one of my favorite people) was the guy leading the discussion since the actual professor was at a conference in Germany, and 2 – we covered one of the theologians we were discussing in my Theology of Mary class last semester.  Also, Shine let us go after an hour, which was good.  I had just about enough that I could contribute for an hour, but if the class had gone the full 2 1/2 hours, I would have been toast.

Much dancing this weekend – Balboa at Red’s last night, Bounce’s going away party tonight, and then workshop and dance on Saturday.  All dancing, all the time makes Bernadette one very happy girl.  And, you know, seeing other people.  From time to time. 

Ok.  I’m done now.