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I have to say, I really like the way my family celebrates Christmas.  As in, we’re still celebrating (Christmas is a whole season – it’s not over until Epiphany!).  I got marvelous gifts Christmas Eve, two seriously wonderful stockings on Christmas morning, gifts that almost made me cry on Christmas evening, lots of fun on Family Shopping Day (a tradition that dates back to when most of us couldn’t drive ourselves to the mall) yesterday, and today I’m about to head off to Family Gift-Giving Day.  I have Boy-O for my family Kris this year.  He’s getting frozen french fries and tator tots wrapped in aluminum foil with large bows, and these very cool gloves I got from the fair trade guy. If I can find the gloves in time to wrap them. 

I told my family about Prof. Bhaer last night.  I didn’t mean to, but mom was being snarky, and I had to set the record straight.  I would give just about anything to see his face right now.

Which brings me to the other thing – we still haven’t heard back from the clinic in Texas where my roommate is going for her surgery.  Maybe today we’ll find out when they’ll be ready for her.  It needs to be soon.  Time is not our friend.

What must it be like to be looking Eternity in the face?  I can’t even imagine.  The last Sunday of Advent (i.e. Christmas Eve) we were singing “Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King.”  What if that weren’t just figurative?

Please pray for a miracle.  Just pray.