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Here’s something I think is pretty funny.  So this morning I set out to mail my Christmas packages.  There were three of them, a pretty tall stack, but not unmanageable.  I knew I would be waiting in line, and I hadn’t had my coffee yet (anyone who knows me knows that I have to have my coffee), so I took with me a travel mug of vanilla biscotti flavored coffee.  Just outside my door, I turned to lock it behind me.  I couldn’t manage both the key and my mug, so after debating a moment, I perched my mug on top of the stack of boxes I was holding in my other arm.  Of course, the predictable happened: tipped coffee mug, coffee all down my front.  Now the coffee wasn’t all that hot, so I wasn’t burned, but I panicked a little.  The boxes seemed to be unscathed, but under my jacket was a brand new shirt that I was sure was now ruined.  I could feel the liquid soaking my front.  I quickly dumped the packages by the door, and rushed back inside to try to minimize the damage.

Now here’s the funny part.  The coffee got the collar of my jacket, and then somehow miraculously missed my shirt entirely.  Somehow it managed to tip itself right down the neckline of my shirt in such a way that, although what was under my shirt got soaked, the shirt itself was completely untouched.  I’m still not really sure how that happened.  I am, however, grateful!  That God guy?  I think he might love me or something.  Maybe. 

Here’s something else interesting – two of the boxes I was mailing were going to friends in the military overseas.  For those guys, you use an APO address, which means that the box goes to an address somewhere in the US, and then the military is in charge of getting it where it’s supposed to be.  This is cool, because it means that you can use a domestic Priority Mail box instead of having to pay overseas shipping.  However, when I got my boxes to the counter, the guy told me that I had to fill out customs forms for them.  It was interesting filling them out.  One of the boxes asked for a detailed description of the contents.  I thought how funny it would be if I really wrote out a detailed list of all the silly little things I’d put in the boxes (and I’m not going to give examples because I know the people getting the boxes read this!).  Instead I wrote: “Christmas gifts.  Cookies.  Etc.”  I hope that was enough for the customs guys.  I guess we’ll find out.