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Summary of my life lately:

  • Papers, papers, lovely, lovely papers…. (Just in case you were wondering, The Quiet Man, which happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time, has an unmistakably conservative ideology.)
  • Indian Movie Matinee!!!  Oh, the loveliness.  Much cooking (two kinds of curry, fresh chutney, chaat, both naan and pappadums cooked by Her Royal Meggieness – thank heavens for the directions on the back of the box!).  Also a flour fight with Johnsy – I didn’t even know she’d gotten the whole back of my sweatshirt until later…  yeah, I’m good in a pillow fight, but I’m going to have to practice the flour fighting.
  • Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception with Johnsy, Indy, and Pretty Jenny.  They read my Bible verse (Ephesians 1:3-6) and sang O Come, O Come Emmanuel (my favorite Advent carol) and I cried a little.  Waiting is hard sometimes.
  • Christmas Party with my Catholic young adult peeps – gossip-, I mean, sharing my life with Pookah in the bathroom, gift exchange (anyone want a singing, swaying, light up snowman couple?)
  • Exams!!!!
  • Running into someone on campus.  Maybe I won’t have to wait so long.  We’ll see.
  • Exams!!!!!
  • Thanks For Being Good Guys Dinner: the ladies of my Women’s Group hosted the gentlemen of the Men’s Group to dinner to thank them for all the things they do to try to be good men.  Cuz our world doesn’t encourage guys to try to be good.  But here are several men doing what they have to do to reach for holiness.  And that’s amazing.  Sometimes it’s tempting to think that my standards are too high, that I can’t expect any real guy to actually try to reach for those things.  But then I look at these guys and I know that my expectations aren’t unrealistic at all.  Cuz these guys – they’re doin’ it up.  And they’re my heroes.
  • Exams!!!!!!

And that’s it for now.  I’ll let you know when I resurface…