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Yesterday in Faith & Justice, Dr. Prof. Txiki treated us to a ten minute long impression of Don Corleone (aka The Godfather) as part of his discussion of the Latin American political system.  It was amazing.  I think at one point I about fell out of my chair laughing.  The man would not stop!  I would just about get my hilarity under control, and then he’d say something else, and I’d be gone again.  So awesome.

Oh, did you know that if you take your prescription for a common antibiotic to the Meijer’s pharmacy this winter they’ll fill it free?  It’s so cool.  I’ve been under the weather for a while now, but yesterday I went to see my Hero Doctor.  He told me that I have a sinus infection, and wrote me a prescription for antibiotics.  As soon as I was done with the aforementioned Faith & Justice class I headed home, jumped into my faithful car (Rhonda the Honda), and headed off to Meijer’s.  Here’s the sneaky part of that system.  Unless you drop your prescription off and come back to pick it up later (two seperate trips), you’re stuck wandering the store while waiting for the prescription to be filled.  That’s not really a good thing.  I went off fully intending to just get chicken broth and fresh ginger to make the soup that always makes me feel better, and ended up getting the last items for the Christmas boxes I’m sending, ingredients to make ginger snaps, candles for my own personal Advent wreath (it might smell like Spring Lilac and Rose Garden, but the colors will be liturgically correct!), and a jar of my favorite salad dressing.  I think maybe I shouldn’t go into grocery stores for a while…

The rest of the day was pretty cool.  I baked ginger snaps for Christmas boxes, put some of them on a plate, and headed off to Balboa Thursday at Red’s house.  What can I say?  A couple hours dancing smushed up against various manly chests always makes a girl feel better.  I had to leave early cuz, well, I have three papers and a presentation due before Tuesday.  But it was worth it.