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Nice things in my life lately:

My sister’s roommate Pooja, who is from India spent Thanksgiving with us, along with her mother who was visiting.  It was very nice to have them with us, not just because then we had Indians at our Thanksgiving feast (dots, not feathers, like Johnsy would say).  Indy and I had been talking about Thanksgiving at our grandmother’s house, and Pooja’s mother asked where ours was.  We told her that both of our grandmothers were dead, but that I had lived with the grandmother we had been talking about and taken care of her the last two years of her life.  “Oh,” said the mother, “Then you have all her blessings.”  What she said touched my heart.  It’s been five years since Grandma died, and I still miss her sometimes, especially around the holidays.  We had a more typical grandmother/daughter relationship before I moved in, but after I started taking care of her she became something like my child.  It wasn’t easy to take care of her, and sometimes I remember too clearly the ways that I wasn’t everything I could/should have been.  Pooja’s mother’s words soothed a sore spot in my heart that I hadn’t realized was there.

We finished shooting our latest movie, The “Not,” on Friday.  I was thinking the other day that I haven’t posted nearly as much about this movie as the last one.  I think that’s partly because my role for this film is a lot less showy than the other.  Before I was co-screenwriter and producer and featured actress.  For this movie I’m just the Producer.  It’s a lot of just making the conditions happen for other people to shine.  I’m very good at that, but it’s not as interesting to blog about.  However, this movie is going to be so funny.  I was helping at as spare Camerawoman Friday night, and got the most beautiful shot of Pooka frog-kicking as Mr. Clean did the Heimlech maneuver to assist her after the coughing fit she faked to get his attention.  So awesome.  And, on this movie, every single shoot or practice has both begun and ended on time.  Yeah.  If you know our family, you know how miraculous this is.  What can I say?  That’s what happens when you have a Producer.  (Smug?  Me?  No… )

Anyway, on Saturday morning I went by the coffee house that was our location to pay for the food we used the night before and drop off the thank you card for the Judge who owns the place.  He was in, so I took it on back to him.  He opened and read it right there, and was very pleased by it.  He said it was, “Sweet and cerebral,” which I think is a pretty fair summing up of my character in general.  Well, if you don’t count the deep silly streak.  And the passion for theology.  Though I suppose that could come under the cerebral part.  It’s a bit irrelevant though.  The point was that I liked it a lot.

Also on Saturday I got to go dancing.  It was fun.  (Have I mentioned that I love dancing lately?  Perhaps not enough…)  I got to learn a little more Charleston, and got a refresher on Shag, but the really fun workshop was Beginning Belly Dance.  That was very cool.  I totally surprised myself by not being completely inept or embarassing to look at in the mirror.  Also, I think I finally got body rolls.  (Of course, I’m still not comfortable doing them anywhere a member of the opposite sex might see me, but still…)  I love it when that little click happens.  This year I got to stay for the dance in the evening, and had a ball.  I danced myself into an asthma attack with Thor (yes, that’s his real name – with a name like that he doesn’t need a nickname.) on my very first dance so I had to limit myself to slow stuff after that.  But I really liked it, and got some compliments on my dancing, which is always a thrill.

And, well, that was my Thanksgiving.  It was a good one.