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The other night I unexpectedly heard from Bogart again.  It was funny because I’d been thinking back to last year this time, when I was so stressed I was forgetting to breathe and everything.  For all the recent stressors in my life, I’m much more relaxed this time around!  And while I really, really loved being the NET DCP, I’m also really, really glad that I was able to pass the job off to someone else.

I am currently anxiously expecting a UPS delivery containing my new pair of athletic shoes (I wanted to call them tennis shoes, only I never play tennis.  Never.) and my new watch.  I love the watch that I have now, but the excess strap sticks out and catches on everything.  Plus it has a disconcerting habit of resetting itself at random times.  It hadn’t done that in a while.  I had hoped that it had reformed its ways, but Sunday it demonstrated its incorrigibility.  And so, yeah, it’s time to say good-bye to the smokey-blue translucent loveliness of the band, and the little surfer-guy animation that has amused me twice a minute for the last few years.  Its new home will be in my walk-in closet, where it will hopefully help me stay on time in the mornings (a distant hope, but still).  I got a tracking update this morning that said my package was on the truck for delivery, but it still isn’t here.  My instant gratification needs are not being met!

I had a good weekend, complete with much hang out time with Johnsy.  We had a sleep over at her house Friday night.  I put my hair up in pin curls, and we watched Desk Set (Spencer Tracy could come work in my department any day!).  Saturday we went down to the Ohio Catholic Young Adults Conference, where we were signed up to work the coffee bar.  It was pretty fun.  I didn’t go to hardly any talks because of my coffee bar duties, but I had a great time hanging out with some of the exhibitors.  There were some ladies from Christi’s Pure Fashion, with t-shirts that are seriously awesome.  I think I bought eight.  There was also a Catholic Trivia Game at the Diocese of Lexington booth.  If you got the Zillion Dollar Perfect Score you won a very cool mug.  So I did.  This made Mannito and Mammacita’s Husband both so jealous that I had to hide my mug to prevent anything happening to it (note: both of them have advanced degrees in Theology and they couldn’t do it.  Me?  Smug?).  Mannito got the guy in charge of the booth to agree that if I got another perfect score he could have the mug.  So I did it again.  It was pretty cool.

As cool as that was, however, the very coolest thing about Saturday was that Bubba graduated from Wright State.  That’s infinitely cool.  I’m very, very proud of my brother.  It took him a while, but he’s graduating totally debt free.  His degree is in Classics, and he plans on going on to grad school, but he doesn’t know quite where yet.  This is also rather heartening to me, proving that graduation really is possible!  Mr. Clean also graduated Saturday.  Indy told me that she and AnniPotts hollered, “Daniel is hot!” as he walked the stage.  She said that he just pulled his cap a little over his face and kept going. 

One month from today…