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This is the point in the semester when I get really irritated at life in general.  Everything seems overwhelming and endless.  I get stressed, melodramatic, and whiney.  Then I’m annoyed at myself along with the rest of the world, and things are really unpleasant.  Sooner or later things will get easier, I’ll start laughing at myself instead of wanting to choke myself, and we’ll be over the hump and headed downhill to Christmas.  For the moment, however, I wish I had an Anger Bat like Johnsy does.

Things annoying me in particular?  Well, C.S. Lewis, whom in general I adore, wrote this speech called Why I Am Not A Pacifist which is annoying me beyond measure at the moment.  I expected better from him.  It’s not that I disagree with him (though, well, I do), it’s that he refuses to discuss the claims of scripture, the tradition he applies to is a specifically English nationalistic one (since when was Shakespeare known as much of a Christian?), and he starts his chain of reason in a place that doesn’t really apply.  He says that all opposition to war starts with the premise that “war is disagreeable.”  Um, no.  A lot of opposition to war (including my own) starts with the premise that “human life is sacred.”  He ends with basically saying that the pacifists he’s addressing hold their pacifist beliefs because it’s convenient, which I find rather condescending and, well, annoying.  I love this guy more than I can tell you.  Consequently this article is more aggravating than I can tell you.

And, on the subject of war, let me say again that I’m really not thrilled about how the US military keeps sending my friends to danger zones.  I just got some letters from 14 in Afghanistan, and I miss the bloke a lot.  I also just got a long e-mail from KJ, and well, I miss her even more.  She’s in Baghdad, which I don’t like at all.  And then Bounce is getting sent away too.  My friends are not supposed to be in war zones!  Arrrgh!!!!

Ok.  Rant over.

Oh, and you may have noticed that there’s another Weather Pixie at the bottom of my page.  This is for The Young Queen, far, far away in the wilds of Milwaukee (thankfully not a danger zone).