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Today at work I’ve been filing the Outstanding Comittments reports for various accounts.  In my head I’m thinking, “Wow, that’s an outstanding comittment!” 

I still don’t know what I want to dress as for Halloween.  I’m feeling a little what’s-the-point about it.  The only reason I’d really care about a costume is if I were going to the VuDo Halloween Dance, only the Theology On Tap party is the same night.  I’m part of the leadership team for that, so I have to be there.  Only I’d much, much rather be swing dancing, especially since the one night of filming we’ve been able to firmly schedule will prevent me from going to the November Athens swing dance.  (I just don’t understand why the rest of my life has to keep getting in the way of my swing addiction… )

Anyway, if I had the money and the time, this is what I would do:  I would get this great pattern from Vintage Vogue (I was going to post the picture, but it’s too big).  It’s a 1950s style sundress with straps like a jumper and an awesomely full skirt.  I’d make it up in blue and white check gingham, wear a little white blouse under it, braid my hair in pigtails, put a stuffed dog in a little basket, and be the cutest Dorothy ever.  The only thing I don’t have is the ruby slippers, but someone pointed out that I could make the dress in black and white gingham, tie my braids with grey ribbon, wear my dancing shoes, and be Dorothy while she’s still in Kansas (in black & white).  It would be so much fun.  But I’ll get time to actually do that, um, approximately in 2016, right after I finish my doctorate.  Oh wait, then I’ll be an Associate Professora somewhere, slaving away in the academic mines, burning the midnight oil hoping that I’ll make tenure before I’m 50.  Ok, yeah.  I’m not ever going to be able to do this.  Sigh.  Stupid reality…