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Good news!  Good news!  Good news!

First, my brother is home from the hospital and doing ok.  It’s not malaria or dengue (he says when he read that on my blog it made him “grin and laugh with glee”) but an unspecified virus.  So we’re all ok here (or will be, when the rash dies down…). 

Second, I get to take a Masters’ level class next semester!  Woohooo!  I’m all excited (you could maybe tell).  I’m going to take Contemporary Theologians.  I don’t know anything about the guy who’s teaching it, but I don’t care.  I just want some theology I can sink my teeth into.  Also, JJ was saying that he’s thinking about taking that class too, so maybe I’ll have some good company while I’m doing it.

Third, you might remember that I took this Bio class over the summer to (I thought) satisfy my science requirement.  When I was working out my classes for next semester, I looked at the sheet and saw that really they want you to take this Integrated Sciences track.  Friends, I have little to no interest in Physics or Geology (I have relatives for that…).  If I have to take more science, I’d infinitely prefer to take more Biology.  It’s fun, and it relates to the theology I’m studying.  However, when I talked to my advisor about this, she was rather discouraging.  But she asked for me, and lo and behold, it seems the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences thinks it would be just fine for me to take a bunch of Biology instead of the Integrated Sciences.  Woohoo!

And then, to top it all off, while I was sick and couldn’t think, I occupied part of my time with downloading Michael Buble ringtones to my cell phone.  Yeah, I know, totally unncessary (especially considering that my phone lives on the Ettiquette Setting) and expensive, but every time I hear it I can’t help but smile.  So I say it’s worth it.

In other news, in class on Tuesday Dr. Prof. Txiki kicked his desk over to illustrate how Rerum Novarum overturned the previous centuries of Catholic social justice teaching.  I won’t lie – it was a little alarming.  And then it was very funny.  But the alarming came first.  He also sang You Make Me Feel So Young, but I don’t think that was illustrating anything.  I think that was just, um, because.