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I’m getting popular with my Profs.  My Philosophy teacher, Prof. Rockne, has decided that I am the Official Source For All Things Catholic in the class.  I swear, I tried to duck it.  But he kept calling on me to explain the official Catholic position (all because I told him about my theological ambitions when I asked him for help learning phenomenology).  Most of the time I could give a good answer.  When I was leaving yesterday he told me that this was my job in class from now on.  I told him that I’d do that if he wanted me to.  Maybe I’d even bring my Catechism with me.  I guess it’s a compliment.  I guess.  I suppose I’m just not so comfortable with being singled out so publically.

Also on the Professor front, today I was wearing my “talk nerdy to me” sweatshirt (one of my favorite pieces of clothing ever).  When Dr. Prof. Txiki saw it he asked me what would qualify as nerdy talk.  I said that it would depend on what kind of nerd you were, and cited MDoS and 14 telling me mathematical equations.  So he gave me his rendition of both the Yale Divinity School Cheer and the University of Chicago fight song (based on their Great Books program).  I told him that the Chicago fight song counted double because he never actually attended that school. 

Today I also got to have Playtime with Johnsy.  It’s fun hanging out with her, especially because her wheelchair means we get to see interesting things.  Like the kitchens of KU dining hall and Barrett Dining Room (where the faculty hang out).  The regular elevator was busted, so we got to take the service elevator instead.  It was very cool.  And then we had fun going really fast on the ramps.  She went really fast going down, and I was in charge of helping us go really fast going up.  Other than that, Playtime with Johnsy was mostly eating lunch and talking.  And that’s very cool too.  If I ever move out of where I’m living now, I’m so moving in with her.  Well, unless the reason I’m moving out involves, say, a person of the male persuasion.  And a ring.  And stuff.