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Yesterday I got to see BMIWW and her family again for the first time since The Lt. Colonel came back from Kuwait and they all moved home to Pennsylvania.  I have missed them so much.  Sunshine is growing so fast.  She’s three now, and she can say my name.  She’d never called me anything but “B,” but when she saw me she called out, “Look, Bern-dette, look!”  Temple is as cute as ever.  She found her old Disney Princesses diary in the living room where she’d left it behind.  She’s learned so much since she went away – now she can actually write. She spent a good chunk of the evening curled up on the couch writing things in her diary.  The biggest change, though, was Drama Queen – she’s now actually a hair taller than me when she puts on her chunky-heeled shoes.  (I am not short!  I just hang out with amazons!)   I think Sunshine is still my favorite.  BMIWW had gotten a little wooden ghost decorated with Christmas lights that Sunshine thought was just the greatest thing she’d ever seen.  She was so happy, she said, “Is it for me?  Really?  Oh, Mamma, I love you!  You’re the best Mamma I ever had!” So awesome.

Movie stuff is starting up again.  We had a casting call Saturday afternoon, which kept us pretty busy.  We’re looking to start rehearsals in two weeks for The “Not”, Sae’s screenplay about a flirtation that never happens.  So far we know that Mr. Clean will play The Guy, and The Lady Mayoress will be the Coffee Shop Attendant.  We haven’t cast The Girl yet, or quite decided who the extras will be.  Johnsy is our Script Girl/Continuity Supervisor/Production Assistant, Indy is the Director (of course), and I’m the Producer.  Air was going to be our Gaffer, but he just bailed on us.  He’s not my favorite person right now.  But we have a Cinematographer, which is good, and I know God will send us the people we need when we need them.  We need to have everything shot before Thanksgiving, so things are going to start moving quickly here.

The dance Saturday night was fun.  There weren’t as many dancers as usual since so many were at the exchange in Chicago.  This would seem like a bad thing, but instead I think made it more fun.  When there’s fewer people you don’t seperate out into cliques as much, so you get a chance to dance with and talk to some people you might not normally.  There were, of course, more follows than leads.  Some of the follows ended up congregating at a table in the back corner and just hanging out most of the dance.  You’d sit and talk for a while, getting up to go find a partner if a song came on that you wanted to dance to.  I liked it a lot.  There aren’t that many chances to have girl bonding time at dances.  It felt good to actually get to know some of the other follows a little.  Towards the end Eeyore came over and complained about how intimidating we were all sitting together, but then I petted his head a little and he got distracted and forgot what he’d been talking about.

I like being on Midterm break.  I was inspired by a friend to really, really take the day off.  I slept in until I actually wanted to get up, ate a meal, read some, listened to some music some, worked a little on MDoS’s screenplay (he’s doing a suspense/thriller homage to Hitchcock that is going to be so much fun to film).  I made some phone calls I’ve been putting off, and got some organizational stuff done.  I made myself a pot of tea for the first time in months, and drank it cup by cup at my desk.  I thought about watching some of the movies I got out of the library today, but people were wrangling downstairs, so I didn’t.  Maybe later I’ll do a little laundry.  It’s a good day.