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This has been a day full of beauty.  In tap class our teacher surprised us with a video of Old School tappers, black men who learned from the greats on the streets of Harlem.  They did amazing things.  I started to think, “Maybe one day I’ll be that good…” but then reality broke through.  No, I will never be a tapper like that.  I don’t have the years and attention to dedicate to it.  Maybe someday I won’t embarass myself, but that will probably be where I top out with tap.  And I’m ok with that.  It’s something a little like riding horses – to be really good you need to start when you’re about three.

In Faith & Justice, Dr. Prof. Txiki reprised his award winning impression of a fire’n’brimstone TV evangelist: “You’ll be in Jesus’ rotisserie oven and basted with God’s holy wrath!!!” I thought the rotisserie oven part was particularly inspiring.

On the way home I ran into this guy I know.  He’s one of those people I always smile and wave to because I know I know him from somewhere…  He and his wife have half a house in the student neighborhood, where they have the most amazing tomato plants in between the bushes in front of the porch.  Anyway, this time we actually introduced ourselves to each other, and he told me that he’s a Theology grad student who just had twenty of his paintings installed in the campus housing high rise (two on each floor).  They’re having a big premiere thing tonight, which I’m not going to be able to go to because I’ll be listening to Old School Lou speak at Theology On Tap instead.  So I went over and had my own personal sneak peak on my way home.  The exhibit is titled Textures of Prayer.  I won’t lie – not all of the paintings impressed me.  A few of them, however…  They’re abstracts, these big whirls and swirls of color that tend to draw you in – if you look at them long enough you can start to get a little vertigo because you feel like you’re falling into the paintings..  This is going to sound really cheesy, but there were two red ones that reminded me of the depths of God’s heart, on fire with love for us.  And there was one that was a cobalt blue vortex with a twist of black ribbon coming through it, which suddenly reminded me of the way grace works – that you feel like you’re being pulled down and every which way, have no idea where you’re going, and then suddenly grace snatches you up and you know you’re exactly where you were always meant to be.  It was very, very cool.

Also on the way home, I saw the most gorgeous maple tree.  I love autumn leaves.  Their colors take my breath away.  These were particularly splendid, so I picked myself a little boquet of them to take home with me.  They’re sitting on the kitchen counter right now, all glorious and stuff.

A good day.  Hopefully tonight will be good too.  Last night was good (of course, I got to dance with Bounce, and any night I get to dance with Bounce is by definition a good night…).  I have a pretty good life, you know?