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Ever heard the sound of a certain person’s voice on your voicemail, and suddenly you’re doing dance steps all over the Panera parking lot?  Well, really all over the two handicapped parking spaces by the door?

I know I’ve been falling down on my blogging duties pretty egregiously lately.  Sigh.  Things changed at work, and now they’re actually keeping me busy.  (Yeah.  I know.  You’d think they were paying me or something…)  And I’m doing 18 credit hours this semester (the limit they’ll allow you to take before they start charging you more), which is keeping me pretty occupied.  When I was registering I counted the cost of the homework I would have to do, but I didn’t realize how much time I’d spend just sitting in class.  Not that I mind.  It gives me lots of time to write long, long letters to friends in far off places.  Except that reminds me of how many of my friends are in far off places, and yeah, I’m not such a fan of that.  If there were a pouty emoticon, I’d put it here, but this one will have to do:

Prof. Txiki has continued to sing, and quote poetry in an expressive manner.  That’s pretty fun, I gotta tell ya.  Yesterday he gave us his extremely mangled version of “Somewhere Out There” to illustrate some people’s rather ethereal approach to a relationship with God.  Good times, oh my friends, good times!

Quaritch has not redeemed himself.

Yesterday was Cute Theology Boy Day at Roesch Library.  As I was walking in I saw Old School Lou on his cell in the foyer (got a great smile & a wave).  Then The Other One was at the computers downstairs (I don’t know him so well, so I didn’t say hi).  Then when I went to the computers upstairs to print out MDoS’s screenplay, there was JJ coming away from the computers.  It’s always good to talk to him.  Turns out he’s got a screenplay for us too.  So stay tuned, friends, cuz the movie madness, it just might start up again soon! 

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print.  Ok, maybe not really, but I like writing that.