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Sometimes it’s really fun having feminine wiles.  For a long time I didn’t think I had any.  Now I know that I do, and I have to be careful.  Too often I get my way, not because I really should, but because I’m cute about how I ask.  And that’s not good for me.  Anyway, today I met up with Java Joe so he could autograph some ensemble photographs of the punks that The Duchess intends to frame and present to each of the punks.  Now that Java Joe’s signed them, they’ll get handed off to The Beautiful T so she can take them down to Texas on midterm break and have MDoS autograph them.  After that we’ll mail them to 14 in Afghanistan.  The Preps ensemble pictures have a much less tortuous journey.  When WSU Swing starts up again hopefully Mr. Clean will be there, and I can have him autograph them.  Then we just have to get them to Spain.  This is harder than it appears – I haven’t talked to or seen Spain for something like a month now…

Anyway, the feminine wiles part… So after JJ autographed the photos, I handed him a stack of Theology On Tap flyers to pass out.  He started teasing me by saying that he wasn’t going to take them.  I just arranged my face into Big Eyed Sadness and waited for him to look at me again.  It went something like this.  He was saying, “Because you know, I…” (he looks back at me) “I’ll take them.” It was pretty awesome.