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So last night ‘SupDoc informed me that I owe you all a post.  Apparantly I’ve been slacking in my blogging duties recently.  To which I say, well, them’s the breaks.  But here is the news:

School’s back!  Or, rather, for me anyway, it never really went away.  I think I got precisely one week of summer vacation this year, and now here I am again.  Not that this is a bad thing.  I’ve got a fun lineup of classes, and so far I’ve enjoyed myself enormously.  I’m taking Beginning Tap Dance (woohoo!), Intermediate Greek (liquid verbs still make me go all gooey), Faith & Justice (more about that later), the Theology of Mary (taught by a great priest from Switzerland who served in West Africa for twelve years), Films of the 1950s (the beginning of what I hope will be a Film Studies minor), a mini course on Spirituality of Nonviolence (haven’t had it yet, so the jury is still out, but the textbook I had to buy looks promising), and Philosophy 103 (taught by a guy who suckers the Freshmen in with talking about football, and then skewers them with objective truth – ha!  So beautiful…).

However, far and away my favorite class so far is Faith & Justice.  I was a little nervous about this class.  Get a university professor talking about Social Justice, and you never know what might come out of their mouth or how irritating/inaccurate it might be.  But this guy so far is fairly awesome.  He quotes JP II in his syllabus.  Most of his curriculum seems based around Papal encyclicals (means that he’ll be teaching what the Catholic Church actually teaches instead of what he wishes that it taught).  But that’s not what makes this so cool.  Friends, this guy is crazy.  On crack.  Really.  The good kind, too.  He broke into song five or six times during the first class.  He picked up an empty desk, hoisted it over his head, and carried it around the front of the classroom for a while in order to illustrate the crushing burden of actually having to come to class twice a week for a whole semester.  It was beautiful.  I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in a class for a long time.  Maybe ever.  My favorite quote of the day?  “You are my students, not prospective casualties.” And this is just the first class!  Oh, this is gonna be a fun semester.

Also yesterday I got to see all my theology boys – Bear, Old School Lou, Java Joe, Shine.  I have missed them!  I also finally got to meet the married doctoral student who was pregnant last year, and has been carrying around the most gorgeous baby girl all over campus.  I see them all over the place, in Mass and stuff, and we smile at each other, but we never really got introduced.  But yesterday Bear introduced us, and I made the baby laugh, and it was good. 

And now I need to go brush up on my Greek, cuz do you think I’ve touched it since I finished my final exam last May?  No, my friends, I have not.  And it’s time to fix that.