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This is so funny – so a while ago I finally got The Shy Engineer to come to a Theology On Tap.  There I introduced him around, and he really hit it off with one of my friends, whom I shall call, um, Ms. Mouse.  They’ve continued hitting it off all summer, much to the delight of her family and friends.  Today one of the secretaries at work finally caught on that he’s actually seeing someone.  A girl someone.  Who makes him go all gooey-eyed and can’t-stop-smiling.  He told them that I introduced him to her, so I just got the third degree from three seperate secretaries.  After reassuring the people in the rest of my life that yes, The Shy Engineer is a good guy all summer, suddenly I had to satisfy three surrogate mothers-in-law that Ms. Mouse is a good, sweet girl who’s worthy of their Darling.  It was a good time.  And I don’t even mean that ironically. 

In other news, I talked to 14 this morning.  They still haven’t given him his settled post in Afghanistan, so for the last few weeks he’s been stuffed into a large tent with 40-some other guys just waiting to be sent where he’s needed.  I can’t imagine the concentration of boredom there must be in that tent.  He says he’ll be moving on soon, and then he might have an address we can send things to.  I hope so.  I miss that guy a lot these days.

Oh, and I heard back from my Prof.  He told me that my paper is “excellent work!”  He even used the exclamation point and everything!