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Another God-appointment story.  So yesterday Queen was showing me around Marquette Unversity (that’s where Queen goes to school).  We had been talking about how much Queen loves it there, but how hard it’s been for her there without really good, close friendships with other Christian women to sustain her.  We were on the way to see the Joan of Arc chapel when I looked over, and recognized the book that a young woman at one of the sidewalk tabels was reading.  It was Edith Stein’s doctoral dissertation On The Problem of Empathy, which I wrestled with hard all during my family vacation last month.  (Usually, if something is in English, Bernadette can understand it… Humility = a good thing!)

This is not all that common of the book, and when I saw it, I had to go say hi.  Turns out the young woman just transferred to Marquette from Wheaton.  She’s in the process of getting her doctorate in philosophy, and is thinking about joining the Catholic Church this year.  She was introduced to Edith Stein just last year, and has been reading her as much as she can.  She’s just barely started doing a little work on the Theology of the Body.  She had just arrived on campus a few days before, and had been feeling very lost and didn’t even know where to look for the kind of Christian friends she knew she needed.  Then she’s sitting at a table outside, working on Stein, and Queen walks by with me, the only person we know who would recognize that particular book cover at twenty paces, on the one day in ten years that I happen to be on Marquette campus.  And so we meet, and we talk, and we tell our stories, and we exchange information, and a connection is made, and some of God’s daughters find each other.  And it’s good.

God really does love us.