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So Saturday night I went to see You, Me & Dupree with Spain (Bear and his fiance Bella were supposed to go, but they bailed on us).  The movie was ok (reasonably amusing, not as offensive as it could have been).  However, like almost every “romantic” commedy I’ve seen in theatres recently, it featured a subplot all about pornography.  Now, I’m not stupid.  I know that every adult male in America has been exposed to pornography, and most of them are regular consumers of it.  Many of them, like the men in the movie, are addicted to the stuff.  These are the guys I work with, the guys I sit in class with, the guys I see in the grocery store, the guys I dance with twice a week.  They’re my friends and family.  They sit in the same pew with me at Mass.

The thing is that pornography is not something funny.  It’s tragic.  It’s painful.  It hurts every person who appears in it, every man who views it, and every woman those men come in contact with.  It hurts me.  When men look at pornography they are changed.  Instead of being able to see the true value of the women in their lives, they start to see only objects more or less capable of giving them pleasure.  Instead of learning how to truly love and be loved, they learn how to use and manipulate.  Pornography destroys lives, marriages, and families.  It’s time to stop laughing at it.