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This is what I’m doing instead of researching quotes for my Big Humongous Theological Paper Due A Week From Today (we’ll call it Darren for short – I used to call everything Bob for short, but I’m tired of that):

  • Actually posting to the swing dancing forums
  • Checking out the pictures Bounce posted of when a bunch of us dressed up like cows to get free food at Chik-fil-a.  The one of Bounce and Trogdor striding towards their destiny is totally my favorite.
  • Waiting for Spain to call me so we can finish our conversation.
  • Thinking about shopping for old Anita Loos movies.
  • Wishing my Palm had more battery left so I could set up the budget worksheet I was thinking about this morning but didn’t get to.
  • Checking out the really cool saint bracelets they sell on this Catholic website.  Wondering how many friends would like to get one for Christmas.
  • Thinking about where I can find a better DVD burner, since the one we used to burn copies of our movie kinda sucked.
  • Feeling tired and grumpy, and not at all like I want to go to the Theology On Tap planning meeting I’m supposed to be at in an hour.

Time to suck it up, do a little theology, and get on with my life.  Sigh.