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This is what Saturday actually looked like:

7:00 am: Get up.  Bake last two layers of cake for Premiere.  Eat breakfast.

9:00 am: Meeting.

10:30 am: Take Indy to Sinclair to put last finishing touches on movie.

11:00 am: Get movie posters printed at Kinko’s.

Noon: eat lunch.  Make vast amounts of cream cheese frosting.  Assemble five cakes.  Wrap in saran wrap and put on dining room table.

2:00 pm: Shower.  Put hair in pin curls.  Pack bag with makeup, heels, beaded purse, everything I’ll need for Premiere outfit.

3:30 pm: Pack car with tub of tablecloths, posters, silver teapots, bags of disposable cups & plates, etc.

4:00 pm: Stop at McGiness Center to make sure everything is set for us to start setting up at 6pm.  Everything is looking good.

4:30 pm: Arrive at Kennedy Union and proceed to Boll Theatre, where my setup crew is supposed to meet me.  The only person to meet me is Mr. Collins.  MIA: The Duchess, Indy, Bubba, Sae, the whole rest of my family, Java Joe, Spain, Lana, MDoS, the Beautiful T.

5:00 pm:  The Duchess and Sae finally arrive with direction signs and the red carpet.  I set them to laying out the carpet while I go put up signs.  While doing that, I find Lana wandering the campus, looking for KU.  I direct the lost lamb to the rest of the party.  Java Joe calls to say that he can’t leave Cincinnati until 6pm, so will have to meet us on the red carpet.  Spain is still MIA.  Bubba is coming with the rest of the family as fast as he can.

5:30 pm: Having done as much as we can at the theatre, we head over to the McGiness Center.  Mr. Collins and Lana unload my car.  The group that was in the multipurpose room until 6pm is wrapping up early, so we’ll be able to get in to setup sooner than we thought.

5:45 pm: The van arrives with the rest of the family.  We unpack and start setting up.  Spain calls.  Apparently he’s getting a haircut instead of helping.  MDoS shows up, and the Beautiful T.  Mad crazy decorating ensues.

6:00 pm:  I grab Boy-O and head home to get the cakes.  They look gorgeous and the icing has firmed up a little in the air conditioning (a good thing).  We transport them back to the McGiness Center without a hitch.

6:15 pm: I set up my laptop for DJing.  There’s a cord I need to connect to the sound box.  The facilities guy assured me earlier that he had one I could use.  I go to get it from him.  He says he doesn’t have it after all.  I am handing my car keys to Mr. Collins to go to the nearest Radio Shack and buy one when the facilities guy comes back.  He does have one.  We test the sound system.  Bobby Darin’s “Hello, Dolly” sounds marvelous.  The sound is good to go.

6:55 pm: We start wrapping up.  Indy realizes that she forgot to ever eat dinner, and needs something now if she’s going to make it through the evening.  I give her my house key so she can go to my place (closest) and get something.

7:10 pm: We pile into cars, head back over to the theatre, and run down to the dressing rooms to change.  I get into my dress, and take my hair out of pin curls.

7:20 pm: Cell phones around the room start ringing.  Indy is calling.  She doesn’t have the DVD of the movie – do any of us have it?  We don’t.  She’s trying to figure out where she left it.

7:30 pm: I have lipstick on half my mouth.  My phone rings again.  It’s Eyore – he’s in the car with some friends, and because of the construction on Stewart Street, can’t follow the directions I gave him.  How does he get here?  I give him directions, then finish my lipstick.

7:40 pm: Indy arrives.  The DVD is at home, but she has brought one of the extras we made to give out.

7:45 pm: I hit the red carpet.  Java Joe and Spain are there, looking more Hollywood that you can believe.  There are so many people swarming in the lobby (I later estimate that we had a crowd of about 250).  Everyone looks great.  Two guys are wearing kilts (so cool).  MDoS and Bouncy Boy are both wearing their Mess Dress Uniforms.  Johnnycakes and Bear are wearing tails.  Johnnycakes is also wearing his top hat and spats – very swank!

8:00 pm: We start herding people into the theatre.  The DVD we gave the theatre tech doesn’t have the outtakes and extras.  Rosie and AnniPotts are going home to get the DVD with those.  BMIWW is there with her whole family, including Temple (one of the stars of our movie), Cowboy, Sunshine, Drama Queen, Maximus, and her husband The Lieutenant Colonel, who only the night before arrived back in the states from serving a year in Kuwait.

8:05 pm: As I am heading for the elevator (I’m not doing stairs in these heels!) to tell the theatre tech that the other DVD is on its way I hear the music for the opening credits playing, and people cheering as names appear.  I find out later that one of those names is mine.

8:10 pm:  I sit down to watch the movie, and to enjoy people’s reactions.  It’s awesome.  They laugh a lot, even at stuff I hadn’t realized was funny.

8:20 pm: Rosie and AnniPotts arrive with the other DVD.  I take it up to the theatre tech.  Everything is now accounted for, and I start to relax for the first time.  The crowd is enjoying the movie hugely.

9:00 pm: The movie ends to sustained applause.  We show the Outtakes and Maude: A Memorial.  People really enjoy that too.

9:30 pm: The movie is over, it’s time to head over to the McGiness Center and party!  Sae and The Duchess had made maps showing people how to get from the theatre to the McGiness Center.  Problem is, the maps have all been left behind at the McGiness Center.  Indy asks all those who actually know how to get there to raise their hands, and for everyone else to please talk to one of those people.

9:45 pm: I throw all my stuff in the dressing room back in my bag, and head for McGiness, leading a caravan of cars behind me.

10:00 pm: party.  This part is kind of a blur.  I danced a lot.  That was really good, and what I’d been looking forward to through everything.  People really liked the cakes.  Lots of people came that I wasn’t really expecting – a lot of swing people, and some of the Theological Boys.  Everyone seemed to have a really good time, which was what all of us wanted.

11:40 pm: I queue up the last three songs: Huey Lewis, “If This Is It;” Ella Fitzgerald, “Lullaby of Birdland;” Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs, “Stay.”  I dance to the first one with Bouncy Boy.  Afterwards he keeps his arm around me for a little bit and asks me if I had a good time.  “Yes,” I say, “I danced a lot.  It was what I wanted.”  “Good.” He says.

Midnight: We start taking everything down and getting out.  I wrap the remnants of cake in saran wrap, and don’t even try to supervise the rest of the cleanup.  I am so tired I’m leaning against the walls so that I don’t fall down.

12:30 am:  Somehow I end up in my car with most of my belongings.  I drive The Mechanic to his car, and then drive the three blocks home.  Once there I turn off the car and just sit still for a moment.  There is an after-party at my sisters’ house, which I know that I am too tired to go to.  Then I look in the back seat, and see the roll of posters I had printed that afternoon and totally forgot to bring in to the party.  I had put some up at the theatre, but I had meant to give copies to cast members that wanted them.  I decide to take them over to the after-party.

1:30 am:  Home again.  I carry half my stuff up onto the front porch, and pull out my keychain.  My house key isn’t on it.  I never got it back from Indy.  I don’t know where Indy is.  For a moment I am tempted to just start banging on the door in hopes that someone will wake up and let me in, but there are toddlers asleep inside and I can’t bring myself to do it.  I call my parents’ house.  No one answers.  I call my sisters’ house.  Rosie tells me that Indy is dogsitting for some friends, and so she’s over there.  I am so tired that I am crying on the phone.  I call where Indy is dogsitting.  She’s still up.  I go to get the key.

2:30 am:  Home again.  Third time’s the charm.  I unload my stuff from the car.  Once inside it takes me a little while to get up the energy to go upstairs.

3:00 am:  Once upstairs I finally change out of my green silk dress and sit on my bed.  I need to take out my contacts and wash off my makeup.  I take out my cell phone to hook it up to the charger, but the charger is still in my bookbag.  That’s the last thing I remember.

And that’s a day in the life of a movie producer/actress.  On Sunday I was still so tired I mostly crept around like an invalid all day.  Today I’m doing better.  It ocurred to me this afternoon when I was packing my bookbag for school that I could maybe leave the folder of movie related papers at home.  I’ve been keeping it there for seven months now.  It’s weird to think I’m close to done (there are a few loose ends still to tie up).  I didn’t take it out yet, but maybe tomorrow I will.

Will there be another movie?  Yes.  When will it come?  I don’t know.  We have some ideas that different people are working on, but none of them have produced an actual screenplay yet.  I have an idea for a modern dress version of Twelfth Night.  We’ll see what happens with that.

What’s next for me?  Well, I have this 30-35 page paper on the phenomenonology of Edith Stein and the Theology of the Body that’s due a week from Thursday.  I’ll let you know how that goes…