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Ahem.  Just had to get that out of my system.

This is what my Saturday is shaping up to look like:

Too early: get up, shower, put hair in pin curls
9am: meeting
10:30am: home, assemble cakes, get stuff ready to transport
all afternoon: coordinate things
4:30pm – meet people at Boll Theatre, do setup at the theatre, stash dresses/makeup/last minute stuff in the dressing rooms
6pm – begin setup at McGinnis Center (they scheduled a group before us to be there until six, so we can’t get in until then)
7pm – finish setup at McGinnis Center, go back to Boll Theatre, get pretty
7:30pm – hit the red carpet.  Be a star.
8pm – watch the movie
10pm – PARTY!!!!!  (sign autographs, dance a LOT)
midnight: do reverse set up at McGinnis, travel to After Party (at The Duchess’s)
Sometime later: crash
Sunday morning: get up, go to Mass.  After Mass, start first draft of 30 page paper on the Theology of the Body, Edith Stein, and the Thomistic tendencies of Christopher West.

Oh, friends, this weekend is going to be fun!