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Yesterday I got the most amazing shoes to wear to the premiere.  See, I’ve been lagging behind in the whole planning-outfit-for-premiere stuff.  I knew that I was going to wear the same green silk dress I wore for the movie.  It’s beautiful, I made it myself, and it’s going to be too big for me in six months so I want to wear it as often as I can while I can.  The problem was that I didn’t want to look like Mabel, my character in the movie.  Mabel’s a peach of a girl.  She’s sweet as anything and cuter than a bucket of baby ducklings.  But she’s not me.  Maybe there’s parts of me that are like Mabel, but I’m a whole lot more than that.  On this occasion especially, I wanted to look like me.

It took me a while to figure out how to do this.  Indy and The Duchess had their outfits planned out to the last rhinestone a month ago.  Sae had her black beaded swankyness to wear.  Hello Nurse knew exactly what she was going to wear, and Pixie Girl was going to borrow my vintage rhinestone hair things to go with her sparkles.  And I still didn’t know quite what I was going to wear.  It was starting to frustrate Indy.  She kept coming up with great schemes to accessorise the green silk, but none of them felt like me.

Finally, I realized what I needed to do.  The key was the right shoes.  I needed sandals – strappy, black sandals, the kind Mabel would never wear.  With the right shoes, I could wear just the right dramatic earrings, no other jewelry, my hair piled in curls on my head, my usual makeup, maybe black gloves, and it would be just right.  Finally that was settled.  All that remained was to find these shoes…

Yesterday I found them.  I gotta tell ya, friends, these are some shoes!  Black, strappy, with heels about a mile high.  I don’t think I’ve worn heels this high since, well, ever.  And they look good on me.  (Indy: “Woooeeee!” Spain: “Very elegant.”)  And Mabel would never, ever, ever wear them.  But I would!  Now I just need to find the earrings…

I can’t wait for this Premiere!