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University campuses are funny places in the summer.  There’s a few of us actual students around, but many more summer camp kids of various ages.  Yesterday as I walked across the top of the ridge towards the science building, there was a small hord of 7 or 8 year olds on the green below me.  They were playing some version of tag that involved pairing up according to gender, and running around while linking arms with your partner.  The girls got a head start, and then the boys were unleashed upon them!  Oh, the shrieking!  Oh, the ineffectual running!  Oh, the reinforcement of traditional gender roles!  It was enormously cute.

This summer I’m taking Bio 101 and its Lab (one of my fingernails is currently stained with methylblue from our first lab).  The professor is a very cute, bookish young woman who continually cracks herself up with her own little jokes and stories about how she once spilled radioactive liquid on one of her shoes and had to leave it in the radioactive stuff hood for a year or so, and things like that.  I enjoy her a lot, and predict that she’ll start appearing in Bernadette’s Quote Book as soon as I can figure out an appropriate nickname for her.

Other parts of my life are picking up steam too.  Spain finally got back from, um, Spain, and was promptly quarantined with a suspicious gastro-intestinal disease.  The doctors finally figured out that it was just a fancy kind of food poisoning, but not until after Spain had received much coddling from both myself and the Duchess.  I’m starting to get ready to leave for family vacation (ten siblings & two parents in a small lakeside cottage for an entire week… join us next week to see who makes it out alive!), which has been complicated by an extremely full social calendar.  Thursday night I’m going to see Michael Buble at the Fraze, Friday night I’m going to see Huey Lewis & The News in Columbus, and then Saturday evening I’m either going to be at a family babeque or at the baptism of La Mamacita’s firstborn son.  Or going to go see Singin’ In The Rain at The Victoria (one of my favorite movies of all time, and what weekend do they have to schedule it for?!  Sigh.  Not really much chance of that third option.)

My schedule in general is looking really, really full.  I was thinking that I’d really like to go to the drive-in movies sometime this summer.  It’s just, you know, one of those things you do in the summer.  Only when I looked at my calendar to figure out when I could put it in, I discovered that the next weekend available would be, um, in September.  Sigh.  Someday I’ll learn to simplify my life…