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Last night at CL I did St. Thomas More for our saint story (it being his feast day yesterday and all).  I started out by calling him a “spiritual stud,” which made ‘Sup Doc just about slide off the banquette laughing.  Johnsy had to put her head down on the table for a minute.  It was a beautiful moment, and the best part is, it’s true.  St. Thomas More is a spiritual stud.  There are two men from history whom I would marry in a heartbeat if I could, and if it wouldn’t have messed with what God wanted them to do with their lives.  One is a young JP II, and the other is St. Thomas More.

Hilarity aside, last night was sad.  It was 14’s last night in Dayton.  He’s shipping out to Afghanistan.  He’ll spend about a month training first, and then he’ll be gone at least until February.  It’s hard to know what to say about this.  On the one hand, six months isn’t all that long, and Afghanistan isn’t as dangerous as, say, Iraq, or even inner city LA.  On the other hand, a lot can happen in six months, it’s still a war zone, and I’m going to miss my friend so much.  So I’ll pray for him, and wish him well, and maybe even occasionally pack up some cookies in a box and send them over.  BMIWW gave me the inside scoop on how to do that this morning.  Apparantly the flat rate boxes from the post office are the way to go…

Unfortunately, the deployment blues don’t stop there.  Last night I was talking to KJ on the phone, and she gave me the news that she’s getting deployed too.  In October she’s going over to Iraq, Baghdad itself.  I told her that if she dies I get her books.  I really, really hope I never get them.

I don’t like my friends going away.