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Random minutiae from the Life of Bernadette:

  • The Engagement, OH website is off and running!  Hopefully this will be the nerve center of movie related information and stuff like that there.  You all should check it out.  Because, you know, you should.  And all.
  • Did you know that in the Theology of the Body, the crowning achievement of John Paul II’s distinguished career as  philosopher and theologian, he cites Max Scheler (a phenomenologist) exactly as often as he cites Thomas Aquinas (the guy whom the Catholic Church has based their philosophy on for the last five hundred years or so)?  It’s rather revolutionary.
  • They’re doing construction on the building where I work.  This involves a lot of drilling and cutting through concrete.  Consequently my life also currently involves a lot of over the counter painkillers.  Thank you, Lord, for modern pharmaceuticals.  Especially Advil.
  • Edith Stein came from a family of eleven children too.
  • You can make lovely potato salad even without bacon.
  • For some reason, the color scheme of pink and grey reminds me of hospitals.  I don’t know why.
  • Puppies are cute.  Even when they’ve stolen a sock they really aren’t supposed to have, and are being chased in circles around the house by a six year old.

And that’s all I have for today!  Join me next time for more thrills and chills from Bernadette’s World of ADD!