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Yesterday I went down to Sinclair again to work on the first preview for our movie, Engagement, OH.  The preview is looking so, so good.  We use footage of Muriel cutting the cake I baked for the tea scene as a unifying motif.  All I can say is, who knew cake could look so sexy?  The text goes like this:

Recipe for Engagement
Take one sleepy Ohio town
Add two life long rivals
And a family with seven beautiful daughters
It’s a recipe for
Engagement, OH
Everyone wants a piece.
Coming Summer 2006

And that really does nothing to convey the full gorgeousness of the preview, which only hints at the full gorgeousness of the movie.  Hopefully Indy will be done fine-tuning soon, and I can show it to you to whet your appetites for the real thing (Premiere July 22!).  If you’d like to see a little in the meantime, I made a slideshow of some of the pictures from the fight scene.  It’s on my myspace page.  You should take a look!

In other news, why do friends of mine have to date other friends of mine and then break up?  It just causes so much trouble all around.  I’m thinking of making a Royal Decree that if you date a friend of mine, you either have to never, never break up with them, or figure out a way to do it so that we can all still be friends with one another.  Otherwise, this all just gets way too complicated!