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On Wednesday my baby brother graduated from eighth grade.  This is a big deal for us.  I’m part of a very large family – eleven kids to be exact.  All of us have graduated from this same parochial school, Corpus Christi.  I was thinking back, and realized that there has been at least one of us going to school there at any one time for the last twenty-five years.  Boy-o is the last of us.  This is bittersweet because it just so happens that this is also the last class that will ever graduate from Corpus Christi.  Because of parish/school merging stuff, the school that will operate from that building next year will be Mary, Queen of Peace, not Corpus Christi.  It’s sad.  I think I always half figured that one day my kids would be going to school there.  Of course, that was assuming that one day I actually would have kids, which I’m not so sure about anymore.  Not the wanting kids part, but the finding a suitable father for them part.

Boy-o, however, is awesome.  He’s growing so fast.  One of his favorite things to do anymore is to pick his sisters up (as in off the ground) – just because he can.  He looked very handsome in his suit and tie.  In keeping with our family tradition, he got pretty much every award available, including one that was a first!  He got the Lion’s Club Award, in recognition of athletic leadership & all-around excellence.  It was amazingly cool.  Someone in our family getting acknowledged for something athletic?!  Wonders will never cease!