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Ok, here’s a question for all of you ladies out there.  There’s this guy I know, and I know you all know the type, that every time he’s around I want to grab for the biggest, puffiest comforter I can find and wrap it around me, because I want that many inches of down and fabric between me and his eyes.  This past weekend I was at a party with some good friends, and he was there.  There was karaoke at this party.  When The Duchess got up to sing the B-52’s Love Shack, a bunch of us girls got up to dance.  We were kindof off in the corner, having a girl moment dancing and enjoying the dancing together.  Then this guy came running over, plopped himself right in the middle of us, and started dancing.  Well, mostly he was ogling us, but there was some random body movements going on, so I’ll give him credit for trying to dance.  Just like that the dance turned from fun to gross.  My first instinct was to go sit down, cuz I am a floor show for no man.  But my sister was dancing, and I wanted to dance with her, and why should anyone, no matter how icky, have that much power over me?  But it just wasn’t fun anymore, and I couldn’t dance the way I really wanted to dance because he was right there watching.

So, girls, here’s my question for you:  how would you handle a situation like that?