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This morning as I left for work I waved bye to BMIWW, who was standing in the kitchen with her cell phone against one ear and the home phone against the other.  She was on hold on one and arguing with a customer service peon on the other.  Standing there in her workout clothes, with the sounds of early morning childrens’ TV programming coming from the other room, she was the most perfect representation of the stereotypical harried suburban housewife I think I’ve ever seen.

Today I am wearing a very pretty cobalt blue crystal bracelet – to match my cobalt blue toes. 

Thank you to everyone who has been so sweetly concerned about my respiratory health!  I am incredibly blessed to have so many good friends.  Little by little I’m getting better. This weekend I was doing my best impression of a Victorian invalid.  On Saturday I sat around in the air conditioning all day.  Towards the evening I went outside to look at my roses, which are blooming gorgeously.  I picked three of them, and took them inside to put them in a vase.  Then I had to sit down again for three hours.  Yeah.  But I am improving!  Last night I danced at the regular Monday night swing.  I hurt afterwards, but it was worth it.  There’s something in me that just has to dance at fairly regular intervals or else I start going a little crazy inside.  So I keep taking the meds, and bit by bit I creep back towards health.  God is good.