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I think I had one of the worst athsma attacks I’ve ever had yesterday.  I got up on the stage for the swing dance demonstration, the song started, and it was like every bronchiole in my lungs said, “Oh, no, you’re not!” and clamped down all at once.  Oh, it hurt.  I felt like I was trying to breathe around a cannonball that had suddenly lodged itself right behind my sternum.

I did it, though.  I danced.  I can’t claim to have been all that good, but I did it.  And then we were done, and then I was sitting outside the room puffing on my inhaler.  When I could move a little better I headed over to Barnes & Noble where they have cool, air-conditioned air that’s easier to breathe.  I sat in a chair with a book for an hour and breathed.  There’s that song that says, “Just breathe…”  Yeah.  Sometimes that’s harder than it looks.