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I’m a little nervous today.  I’m helping with this swing dance demonstration this afternoon.  It’s for a student-leader-recognition thingy Wright State is doing.  They asked the Wright State swing club if we’d be willing to come dance for them, and Mr. Clean (aka Mr. President, aka The King of Swing) said that we would.  I’m part of the three couples that will be dancing.  It’s only three songs, I picked the songs so I know I like them, and I know the guys I’ll be dancing with, so that’s great too.  Just it’s one thing to dance just to dance and another to dance when you know people will be watching you.  I know it will be fine, but I’m still nervous.

In other news, last night I DJ’d for the Wednesday night swing jam at Elegance.  It was the first time I’ve done that for a larger (and more discerning) audience that Wright State.  My set went really well.  I think there was only one song that the dance floor wasn’t full.  It was funny only DJing for one set.  I’m used to being on all night at Wright State.  It felt like I barely got started and then I was done.  Maybe next time I can go a bit longer.  We’ll see.