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This morning when I woke up my chest didn’t hurt at all for five whole blessed minutes!  It was wonderful.  Then I moved and I had to take my athsma medicine.  Which I’m pretty grateful to have.  I regularly thank God for modern pharmaceuticals. 

Things have been fun lately, beyond the sickness.  Hot Josh & Pixie Girl got hitched.  They were so cute, cracking each other up during the ring ceremony.  I wore the green dress I made for the movie, and got some compliments on it.  (Me: Last time I wore this dress I was climbing out a window…)  My baby sister got a little bit older, giving me the occasion to make Bernadette’s Killer Potato Salad for the first time in quite a while.  I got some pictures of the fight shoot – Brooklyn & 14 fighting with cocktail swords is particularly awesome.  I’ll have to post some of them so you can see – maybe after lunch…

I’ve been writing preview scripts for Engagement, OH.  My favorite one so far goes about like this:

Take one sleepy Ohio town…
Two lifelong rivals…
Seven beautiful sisters…
It’s a recipe for…
…and way too many happy endings!
Rachel Sacksteder
Michael Lombardo
David Moore
Engagement, OH
Coming Summer 2006