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I really love roses. My mom’s Zephirine Drouhin climbing rose is emerging into glorious bloom.  It’s a miracle of pink flower and gorgeous scent.  We have one right in front of our porch too, but it’s younger and doesn’t have as much sun exposure so it isn’t as beautiful yet.  But it will be.  Sigh.  The guy that becomes my husband will be a lucky man.  When I get mad all he’ll have to do is bring me roses and I’ll be all happy again.

Last night I went with Indy over to Sinclair to see the movie scenes that are starting to emerge from all the raw footage we shot.  This movie is another miracle.  The boys at the train station, the girls arriving in town, the stealing of the suitcases, the girls sneaking out, the swing dance, Joey’s dance – it’s amazing.  It’s funny and sharp, and at one point I honestly had tears in my eyes.  Mabel and Mikey are cuter than anything.  Bill and Remy stealing Muriel is very tense.  The whole thing is awesome, and we’re not even half done.  Oh, my friends, I can’t wait to show this to you!

Engagement, Ohio movie premiere: July 22!!!!

Mark your calendars!