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“A little fall of rain
Can hardly hurt me now…”
Eponine – Les Miserables

Friday night was Wright State Swing Club’s Big Dance.  It was a lot of fun.  We had a good turnout, even some people coming from out of town, which was great.  I dj’d for most of the night.  The Lady Mayoress started us off, and then I took over from her for about an hour and a half, and then VuDo took over for a little while, and I finished off the night.  I had what’s probably one of the funnest dances I’ve ever danced early in the night with Mr. Clean to the B52’s Love Shack.  It was awesome, even if I was so dizzy after being spun six times that I ran into him when he tried to lead me into a barrel roll.  I also had to take my athsma inhaler afterwards.  So totally worth it.

Saturday we had the wrap party for Engagement (the movie you’ve been reading about for the last six months).  Brooklyn made Chicken Cacciatore, his own version of bruschetta, and oven roasted potatoes (calling his mom every five minutes for directions – it was very cute).  I made the cake.  It was quite the cake.  It was what the cakes for the movie would have been if I hadn’t fallen asleep when they were in the oven…  14 had the effrontry to bring brownies, which is partly why he ended up with icing on his face.  In the interests of honesty, I should mention that I had icing on my face too.  So did Brooklyn.  Final score: Brooklyn-0, 14-1, Bernadette-2.

I have to admit there was a small dissapointment.  Brooklyn had said that he was going to invite some of his theological friends, like Professor Hottypants and his girl, and Old School Lou, and others.  And then he didn’t.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m ever going to meet these people.  At least I know they aren’t imaginary…

Sunday I made oven-fried chicken for my luverly mother.  It turned out very well, which gratified me, since this was the first time I’d tried making it this way.  It’s really BMIWW’s recipe for drummies, adapted to bigger pieces of meat.  I need to fiddle with the flavoring a little, but I think this is my new favorite way to make fried chicken.