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Happy Birthday to me!

This year I’m counting firsts:
First person to ask me to dinner: Mr. Maker (short for Trouble Maker)
First person to give me a present: 14 – a beautiful card of Our Lady of Guadelupe
First person to text Happy Birthday to me: 14 again – at 1:30 this morning!
First person to say Happy Birthday to me: Best Mom In Whole World – at about 7am
First person to call to say Happy Birthday: my dad!
First e-mail birthday card: from the Duchess
First birthday cake: cinnamon swirl cake, made by BMIWW

Also today, expressly in my honor, Brooklyn didn’t put any gel in his hair, just cuz I wanted to see what it looks like without gel.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m looking forward to it very much!

So far this has been a very good birthday.  I took my History exam, and I think I did ok.  I finished well before the time was up, and I reread my essay before I turned it in.  It sounded good to me.  I hope Prof. Herd agrees…  Tonight I’m going out to dinner with Mr. Maker (cuz he got to me first – even before my Mom!), and then going swing dancing.  Does life get any better than this?