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I just got a free chair massage at the UD bookstore.  Yeah.  It was pretty good. 

The Dean of the English Department at UD just waived the Composition credit requirment for me. 

Dr. Herd really liked my term paper.  I got an A.  I only got to glance at it cuz he asked if he could keep it for a week to show people what an A paper should look like.  But one of the things he said at the end was “masterful.”

Theology on Tap starts up again tonight.  I can’t say that it really inspires s in me, but in the context of the whole day it’s looking pretty good.  Brooklyn is going to MC for us cuz The Duchess has a prior comittment.  It should be a good time.

On the down side – you know when you see someone hurting, but you can’t do anything to help them?  Maybe cuz you don’t know them well enough to offer them the thing that would actually help, maybe cuz they don’t want to accept the help from you, maybe cuz there isn’t anything that would help except time and the grace of God, neither of which are yours to supply.  Whatever the reason, they’re still hurting, and all you can do is pray.  Which, come to think of it, is a lot.  I’m not sure that the person I’m talking about will read this, or know that I’m talking about them if they do.  But if, by some miracle, they do understand – please know that I do care, I’m praying for you, and if I could there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to ease your pain.