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Have you ever laughed so much that your cheek muscles got cramps?  Yeah, that was what my weekend was like.  I fed lots of people chicken.  I watched some more of my movie come true.  I got proposed to three or four times (well, really Mabel got proposed to…).  I added Bucca di Beppo and the Hofbrauhaus to my list of retail establishments at which I have swing danced in an impromptu fashion.  I climbed over tables, and ran to get help when my sister was kindapped.  I spent a whole hour as part of a conversation in which we discussed Brooklyn’s butt, or rather his lack of one.  We theorize that it involves a kind of anti-matter, possibly including black-hole-like properties.  This would mean that anything that came in contact with it would instantly disappear, which could explain Brooklyn’s continued single status.  14 wrote out the formula which explains how this works, but I’m a religious studies major, so I don’t feel the need to even try to understand it.  It’s just a mystery.  I’m Catholic, so I’m ok with mystery.

This movie is going to be more of everything than I can say.  I can’t wait to see it.  I can’t wait to show it to each and every one of  you!

Oh friends, exams are coming.  Doom.  DoomDOOM!!!!!!!!!