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Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!

Easter always makes me very glad to be Catholic.  Sometimes if feels like we’re in church constantly from Thursday until Sunday, but when you go through all of it, you have a chance to really enter into the Passion, death, and Resurrection of Jesus.  It’s not a theatrical show, or necessarily a super emotional experience.  You were just there.  With Him.  And together you did this thing.  And the world changed.  I’m not expressing this very well.  Words are weak things.  But God is good, and I know that if He wants, He’ll help those who read this to understand what I’m talking about.

Besides the Triduum (which is what Catholics call the three days from when Jesus begins His Passion until He rises again), we also had lots of movieness going on.  The reality of this movie blows me away time and again.  In December we put some words down on paper, and now they’re made real with real people doing the things we had only imagined.  On Saturday we filmed the fight scenes.  These are the highlights:

  1. Sparkboy as Leonard grimly handing his glasses and hat to Missouri before launching himself at MDoS playing Stevie.
  2. Trash talking with JJ (“Just cuz I’m wearing your ring doesn’t mean I actually like you.”  “Did you say something, Mabes?  I couldn’t hear you.)
  3. Mr. Clean yelling his moves before he did them (“I’m gonna punch you in the head!”)
  4. Belle being all feisty as Myrna, putting up her little dukes and challenging the guys fighting around her.
  5. Sae as Marian, laying around her with my big hardbound copy of Germaine Greer’s Sex and Destiny.
  6. Swing dancing with JJ behind the camera
  7. The Duchess as Muriel accidentally slapping 14 as Remy much harder than she intended, and then reacting with intense concern instead of the anger she’s supposed to disply.
  8. Our guys fighting with swords in a public park.  And we actually got away with it.
  9. Picking violets from the grass and weaving garlands from them for the girls.
  10. 14 with no shirt, and Brooklyn in his boxers & half-unbuttoned dress shirt fighting with broom handles as if they were lightsabers (there will be lightsaber sound effects and heavy breathing ala Darth Vader at this point in the soundtrack).  I have a picture of this on my cell phone.  It’s fairly amazing.  If you see me, ask & I’ll show it to you.

And that was my weekend.  You know, I have a pretty cool life.