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Last night at swing dancing I wore a swirly skirt embellished with sequins around the hem.  It had the most interesting effect on the guys I danced with.  Symon started dancing with me then stopped and stared.  (Symon: “Oh, it’s so beautiful!”)  When I danced with Harlequin he stared towards the floor almost the entire time while he spun me over and over.  It was a little surreal.  Usually when a guy won’t look me in the eye it isn’t because he’s looking at my hem! 

I’ve been realizing lately that there’s a kind of joy in just existing in the will of God.  No matter how hard things are, or how many difficulties loom in my path, or conversely how many delights I’m experiencing, the fact that I’m here means that this is God’s will for me at this particular point in time.  Everything I’m going through is part of His plan for me.  He knew from all eternity that I would be right here, right now.  And so I’m happy to be here.  And that’s joy.

May God give you the joy of existing in His will this Easter.