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“I’m hangin’ out on Monday my Sunday dreams to dry…”
– Black Coffee, no idea who wrote it,
but I love the way Ella Fitzgerald sings it

This is what I did this weekend:

Friday: school, meeting, Swinging to the Not-So-Oldies party (aka Hatman’s Going Away Party) at The Lone Wolf’s place, home, sleep

Saturday: up, shower, pin-curls, hair & make-up for movie shoot, crisis when pin-curls don’t turn out, movie shoot (two hours of getting adored through a window – yeah, nice work if you can get it…), attempt to go to Pocket Venus’s birthday dinner (I called to say I was coming right when they were singing Happy Birthday), Breakaway Charleston workshop (I stink at this, but it’s so much fun), dance at Kira’s, putting Lana’s hair up in pin curls (hers turned out much better), dancing to Runaround Sue w/Mr. Clean, Wal-Mart w/Pookah, home, sleep

Sunday: up, shower, pin-curls (they turn out marginally better this time), getting myself, The Kiddo, & Temple out the door, picking up Starbucks for Brooklyn (who drove all night from Chicago just to make the shoot), hair & make-up for movie shoot, filming Myrna’s wedding, lunch, drive to Tipp City, filming the swing dance (much schmoozing with JJ as Mikey), changing out of costumes, McDonald’s drive-through with Temple & The Kiddo, watching half of Little Mermaid II with Temple before putting her to bed, then joining 14 & The Kiddo at the late, late Mass.  Home.  Sleep.

Odd coincidence of the week:  As I was driving out to Tipp City with Brooklyn & JJ, somehow we got onto personality types.  I’m an ENFJ, JJ is an INFJ, and Brooklyn just switched over from ENFJ to ENFP.  From what I’ve read recently, these aren’t all that common personality types, especially the ENFJ.  I wonder what the odds are of having three such closely related personality types in one place.