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Yesterday I planted snapdragon seeds by the low wall along the edge of our yard.  I knew I wanted to do it on my way home from school, so all day I walked around with the seed packets in my back pocket.  I love planting seeds, especially this time of year when the weather will take care of the watering I tend to forget.  My next project is to plant sweet alyssum seeds underneath the Our Lady of Guadelupe Rose

Also yesterday my European History class started watching a video about American veterans of the Spanish Civil War.  This was where the fight against fascism in Europe first really came out into the open.  Not knowing that WWII was just around the corner, a lot of people thought that they had to defeat fascism here or never.  So although it was a local civil war, people from all over the world came to fight in it.  Some of those were the Americans who fought in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.  Prof. Herd made the point that they were all so young – the commander of the brigade was 23, and several of the soldiers were 18 and 19.  But they were there, fighting and dieing for what they believed in.  Prof. Herd took the opportunity to ask the class (most of them about the age the veterans were when they went over) what they will be able to say when someone asks them what they were doing at that age.  It made me think of what I was doing when I was 18.  In my own way, I have as much to be proud of as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.