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Last night I danced with Harlequin.  He insisted that I should make a note of it for posterity, hence the note you are now reading.  This was, actually, the second time I’ve danced with him.  He’s the one who told me that I do “I’m a little teapot” hands when I style on the tail end of being spun.  It’s true.  And now it makes me laugh when I catch myself doing it.  I rather like laughing while I dance.

Speaking of which (laughing, dancing, and laughing while dancing), we had the practice for our movie swing dance scene yesterday afternoon.  I spent almost the entire time dancing with Java Joe.  He’s the theological friend of Brooklyn’s who’s playing Mikey.  Mikey is half of Mikey & Mabel, the Sickeningly Happy Couple in the movie.  I play Mabel.  At the swing dance, Mabel & Mikey dance every dance together.  It was fun dancing with JJ.  He makes good faces while he dances, which makes me laugh a lot.  The floor we were dancing on was not ideal (concrete), but everyone seemed to have a good time.  This scene is going to be both a blast to film and to watch.

Also, we now have a place to film the swing dance.  It’ll be in an old movie theatre in Tipp City.  I haven’t seen it yet, but Indy swears that it’s gorgeous, and she’s a girl who should know.  I’m starting to get excited about filiming this.  Next weekend is going to be like my own private Lindy Exchange.  I’ll be dancing Friday night at the Swinging To The Not-So-Oldies party, dancing Saturday night at Kira’s Oasis, and then dancing Sunday afternoon at the filming.  Life is good…