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So I had a kinda bad day Tuesday.  Not as bad as that other bad day, but bad enough.  My bad day Tuesday started on Saturday, when my car caught on fire.  Yeah, you read that right.  My car caught on fire, courtesy of faulty wiring on speakers installed by the previous owner’s ex-boyfriend.   (My car sounds like it belongs on a soap opera…)  The wires came loose, came in contact with some of the metal underneath the front passenger seat, and started sparking.  Nearby there happened to be a roll of toilet paper left over from the adventures in vandalism last summer, which promptly caught fire.  I was tooling down SR35 when I smelled burning plastic, and looked over to see smoke billowing out from under my passenger seat.  It was, shall we say, exciting.

Long story short, I pulled over, put the fire out, and continued on to my destination.  I talked to my father about getting the equipment to cap off the wire so it couldn’t do any more damage, but what with my roommate’s surprise birthday party & stuff, didn’t get to fixing it for a little while.  Then Tuesday morning when I was running out the door to work (late, as usual), my car wouldn’t start.  Turns out that the ex-boyfriend, instead of wiring the speakers through the ignition switch like he should have, took the easy way out of wiring them straight to the car battery.  Yeah.  New car battery for Bernadette!  What with utterly getting rid of that wiring once and forever, and getting the new battery intalled and stuff, I missed an entire day of work.  (Insert inarticulate noise of utter frustration here.)

So that was last Tuesday.  Thankfully the day ended well – dinner at Dewey’s with all my Women’s Group girls.  It was partly sad (saying good-bye to our well-beloved KJ, who’s getting transferred by the Air Force to Alabama), and happy (celebrating Pookah’s birthday).  We had a good time.  I made party hats out of napkins for both Pookah and our cute, surfer-boy waiter, and we laughed loud enough to annoy the people at the next table.  So things sucked, but I’m better now.