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I’m mad at the world today.  Yeah, I know I usually post happy posts.  But I don’t feel like it right now.  Deal.

This is what I’m mad at:

  1. People who don’t keep their promises.
  2. People who don’t take comittments seriously, especially when they try to blame their failure to keep said comittment on you.
  3. Snow on my daffodils.
  4. People who feel free to tear away at something without knowing/caring to know that what they’re tearing at is your deepest soul.
  5. My own stupidity in making that part of me available to them.
  6. Dysfunctional relationship habits in general.
  7. The people I need right now who won’t communicate with me!  Yeah, they’re busy.  Yeah, they have issues.  I’m busy and I have issues too.  But I need them right now.
  8. People who say stuff that sounds all profound, until you actually look at it/think who’s talking, and realize that it’s a big load o’ crap.
  9. People who make you feel weird/unreasonable for asking for/taking something you genuinely need.

Let’s just make the world go away for a while, ok?